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Tag: flyway

Flyway did not create tables

I have been trying to create a web application using spring boot and flyway. The build tool is Gradle. However, when I try to run the program Flyway creates just one table named flyway_schema_hystory …

Flyway can’t find classpath:db/migrations

I just started right now a new project in Intellij using Spring Boot ver 2.1.3 and Flyway 5.2.4 with Java 11. After try to start my project i got : I have the following folders: As you can see i have “db/migration” but without any migration, i just started right now. Debugging the class FlywayAutoConfiguration i got the following: So,

Flyway Migration with java

I learnt flywaydb migration with java works with JDBC connection and also spring support through SpringTemplate, but flyway doesn’t work with DAOs. for tables/entities with more relationships,it makes life much easier to do migration with DAO’s rather than sql. is there a solution or work-around to deal with this ? Answer First, Flyway has its own transaction managing system and