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Java9 modules : How to execute Provider based on some priority of execution?

I am using java 9 modules to implement provider , i have multiple providers for service interface. I want to provide some priority for providers for their execution insted of using findFirst(); I have service-interface modules as below , ServiceInterface.Java I have provider-module which has two implementation for service interface , Now , i have consumer-module

How to deal with ResolutionException?

I’m trying to use Java Modules in my Spring Boot project and I’m getting the following exception: How can I solve this problem? Answer Try using JDK8 to run this code. It seems to be a compatability issue Edit: The root cause is that this package has been removed. ( from the standard JVM installation after java 8. Some of

How to downgrade JDK?

Currently my Java version is 17. Neo4j requires me to install Java 11 or OpenJDK 11, or else it will give the error java.lang.IllegalAccessException: module java.base does not open java.nio to unnamed module @1817d444. I guess I need to downgrade to JDK 11. Java Platform, Standard Edition 11 Reference Implementations is the only place I can get JDK 11. However

Minor question about Segmented Code Cache (

I see that this JEP ( introduced 3 types of code caches. The most obvious one to me is -XX:NonNMethodCodeHeapSize. This is the one that deals with JVM internal data. What I do not understand is what is the difference between NonProfiledCodeHeapSize and ProfiledCodeHeapSize. That document says that: Tiered compilation also introduces a new compiled code type: instrumented compiled code

Java SDK 11.0 or above is required when using .NET 6 or higher

I’ve installed .NET 6 (version 6.0.100-rc.1.21458.32) and Visual Studio 2020 Preview (although it might be not a prerequisite). I am trying to debug a hello-world application but I am getting a build error regarding Java. I’ve installed Java 17 setting Path as well as pointing to the Java Development Kit Location in Visual Studio settings (tools->options->Xamarin->Android Settings). Because that didn’t