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Tag: java-11

Installing metro-jax-ws and running wsimport issue

Since wsimport is not included since JDK11 (Where to download and how to install JAX-WS wsimport tools?), I think I need to install metro-jax-ws; however, there are no instructions on how to do so… Answer Download and unzip the latest release from here. Install maven. cd to metro-jax-ws-3.0.2/jaxws-ri/bundles and run mvn install. After mvn install, read the last line of

proto3: Why setting java_multiple_files = true not creating separate java classes for each proto message?

I have a proto definition with nested classes When I generate the java classes with option java_multiple_files = false; it creates a single java class, with all the Java classes/enums/etc generated for the top-level messages, services, and enumerations nested inside it. This is expected. But if I use option java_multiple_files = true; then I am seeing it is generating

Java9 modules : How to execute Provider based on some priority of execution?

I am using java 9 modules to implement provider , i have multiple providers for service interface. I want to provide some priority for providers for their execution insted of using findFirst(); I have service-interface modules as below , ServiceInterface.Java I have provider-module which has two implementation for service interface , Now , i have consumer-module

How to deal with ResolutionException?

I’m trying to use Java Modules in my Spring Boot project and I’m getting the following exception: How can I solve this problem? Answer Try using JDK8 to run this code. It seems to be a compatability issue Edit: The root cause is that this package has been removed. ( from the standard JVM installation after java 8. Some of