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Tag: java-module

How to deal with ResolutionException?

I’m trying to use Java Modules in my Spring Boot project and I’m getting the following exception: How can I solve this problem? Answer Try using JDK8 to run this code. It seems to be a compatability issue Edit: The root cause is that this package has been removed. ( from the standard JVM installation after java 8. Some of

Could not load FFI provider when using

my Linux Java application uses bluetooth devices. I use this library in order to communicate with bluez stack : It worked very well until I added to my client code. Suddenly I got this error: Exception in thread “main” java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: could not load FFI provider jnr.ffi.provider.jffi.Provider at jnr.ffi@2.1.15/jnr.ffi.provider.InvalidRuntime.newLoadError( at jnr.ffi@2.1.15/jnr.ffi.provider.InvalidRuntime.findType( at jnr.ffi@2.1.15/jnr.ffi.Struct$NumberField.( at jnr.ffi@2.1.15/jnr.ffi.Struct$Unsigned16.( at jnr.unixsocket@0.33/jnr.unixsocket.SockAddrUnix$DefaultSockAddrUnix.( at jnr.unixsocket@0.33/jnr.unixsocket.SockAddrUnix.create(

Java 9 migration issue – package com.mymodule is declared in unnamed module , module ‘newmodule’ does not read it

I have created a multimodule project with the following structure Now i want to use which is a non modularized code in a modularized module newmodule. i have declared following in newmodule Project is compiling fine, but Intellij is showing module not found and package com.mymodule is declared in unnamed module , module ‘newmodule’ does not read it. How