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Tag: command-line

Why am I getting IOException : “Cannot run program ./ error = 2, No such file or directory in Java?

The following code simply tries to simulate the following linux command: The program below works only if the executable Main.jar sits within /dir1/dir2, not outside of /dir1/dir2. How do I modify the program below so that Main.jar can sit anywhere on the file system? Answer You should use ProcessBuilder to launch or one of the overloads of exec. You

Compiling a java project from linux command line

I am having trouble understanding how to actually use the command line to run a big java project ( by big I mean with multiple files and folder). Imagine I have a project containing : All my life people have done the makefile for me. I just code the java src with vim and compile and run with make. Now


I’m having a problem when running programs that use Java from the command line. I get back a message saying Java.exe could not be found. I’ve followed the instructions found in several places for …

How do I parse command line arguments in Java?

What is a good way of parsing command line arguments in Java? Answer Check these out: Or roll your own: For instance, this is how you use commons-cli to parse 2 string arguments: usage from command line:

Build Eclipse Java Project from Command Line

Is there a way to compile an Eclipse-based Java project from the command line? I’m trying to automate my build (using FinalBuilder not ant), and I’m neither a Java nor Eclipse expert. I can probably figure out how to do this with straight java command line options, but then the Eclipse project feels like a lot of wasted effort. In