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Tag: command-line

How to inspect jvm module contents from the command line?

I would like to inspect the contents of a resource file of a java module of my locally installed jvm from the command line. Based on a question about mime type support in a jvm I would like to see the contents of /sun/net/www/ in module java.base of my locally installed jvm. However when scrolling through the files installed for

Why am I getting IOException : “Cannot run program ./ error = 2, No such file or directory in Java?

The following code simply tries to simulate the following linux command: The program below works only if the executable Main.jar sits within /dir1/dir2, not outside of /dir1/dir2. How do I modify the program below so that Main.jar can sit anywhere on the file system? Answer You should use ProcessBuilder to launch or one of the overloads of exec. You

Compiling a java project from linux command line

I am having trouble understanding how to actually use the command line to run a big java project ( by big I mean with multiple files and folder). Imagine I have a project containing : All my life people have done the makefile for me. I just code the java src with vim and compile and run with make. Now

Gradle build – add module path

My question: How do I set a module path for gradle build? I’ve become comfortable working with Java modules from the command line. I do a frequent exercise in Powershell which results in these source files. appMod/module-info appMod/appPack.Entry greetMod/module-info greetMod/greetPack.Hello Since the appMod module requires greetMod, I compile and jar greetMod first. Then I compile and jar appMod, but as

How to run TestNG from command line

How exactly do I run a .java TestNG project from a command line? I have read through the TestNG documentation, and tried the following to no avail: … with the following testng.xml file in my project: The error I get is this: Obviously, I am not referencing TestNG correctly in my command line. Does anyone know how to get this