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Running JAR from BAT file cannot find natives path

I am running my JAR from a BAT file on Windows 7 x64 machine. Lately I added native .dll files to project, so now I need to add the path to the BAT. My project is exported to “C:/dist” and folder with native libs called “natives” placed alongside, that is “C:/dist/natives”. The problem is that for some reason the path

how to start stop tomcat server using CMD?

I set the path for the tomcat and set all variables like JAVA_HOME=C:Program Files (x86)Javajdk1.6.0_22 CATALINA_HOME=G:springworkserverapache-tomcat-6.0.29 CLASSPATH=G:springworkserverapache-tomcat-6.0.29libservlet-api.jar;G:springworkserverapache-tomcat-6.0.29libjsp-api.jar;.; When I go to bin folder and double click on startup.bat then my tomcat starts and when I double click on shutdown.bat tomcat stops. But I want using CMD start and stop the tomcat. And in any folder I write command startup.bat the