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Docx to Pdf Converter in java

The below code is not working with Apache poi 3.16. Can someone provide with the correct solution, in my project there are some dependency for using only Exception: Answer The main problem with this is that those PdfOptions and PdfConverter are not part of the apache poi project. They are developed by opensagres and first versions were badly named org.apache.poi.xwpf.converter.pdf.PdfOptions

logger usage, is parameterization better or using + to add arguments?

Which of the following is a better usage of logger? Parametrize (log4j 2) Using + operator (log4j) And why? Answer Even if there were nothing else, the additional StringBuilder shenanigans that happen when using + would make using parameters the obvious choice. Not to mention that when concatenating the values, the toString() method of all the parameters will be called

Apache Camel mock endpoint

I recently started to investigate Apache Camel and I have one issue. I start writing some test for my routes, and there are a lot of examples, where “to” part of route is written as So, I wrote a test, where I am exepcting to have mock:result as last endproint. Here is the questions: Is this important to write mock:result

Jaas Basic Authentication tomcat 7

I keep on getting the same error, I have already changed the tomcat7w file that specifies the jaas config file location I have already added this tom my tomcat7w.exe file. another is that I also have this realm so what am I missing? please help me, I am using netbeans, tomcat 7.0.47. I have resolved to using glassfish! Answer According

Initiate download from certain byte

I would like to implement a distributed download manager on android that initiates downloads at certain byte lengths. So this way portions of files can be downloaded instead of only from the beginning to the end of the http request. Nothing innovative about it, I just don’t know how to do it. (It’s not bitorrent either) In java http apache