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Tag: logging

LOG4J2 RollingFile Appender not writing to file

I’m trying to configure log4j2 by code but my RollingFile and my custom plugin”JTxtLogAppender” not working. The problem with the RollingFile is that the log file is created but it not writing to the file, neither to my custom plugin, but output to console is working. Here my code: Answer Before all of the above code I execute and it

JAX-RS LoggingFilter – Log request entities

I’m using a class implementing ClientRequestFilter It is working fine except that after being logged the bodypart stream seems to be consumed and is not sent with the request. How can I do to display the bodypart stream and make it again available for the request itself ? For the response it was the same problem and I managed to

logging in interface methods

I have been working on java 7 so far and recently moved to java-8, one thing which was surprising is that you can add methods in java-8 interfaces. So far so good….loved this new stuff! Now, my problem is that logging is an essential part of any development but seems lombok.extern.slf4j won’t let you add log stuffs in by interface