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Tag: logging

MDC value missing from log

My app is running on amazon SWF and I want to be able to see all the logs of a specific request using an slf4j MDC. For some code flows I see the MDC in the logs, but for some they are missing, for example: I have these 2 lines of code one after the other: I See the log,

Prevent imported libraries from using my logging-configuration file

Hostile takeover of my logger !! TL:DR imported library is using my logger’s file. In order to keep track of everything that happens in my project, I implemented a custom logger class using java.utils.logging, with a nice simple configuration file “”: Now after adding it, for some reason, one of my imported libraries – GraphStream start to use my

Properly set UTF-8 encoding to a FileHandler in Java

I initialize my FileHandler as follows: and add it to my Logger like this: If i remove the setEncoding on my FileHandler, its sill is wrong. But strangely, if i add the exact same Encoding to my ConsoleHandler, it stops working too. (But without the explicit set, it works at least in my IntelliJ-Console). IntelliJ-Console WITHOUT the explicit encoding (same

Sentry Java 5.7.4 Client/Browser tags not shown

So please tell me if I’m just missing something here, but here is the issue. Sentry Java updated from legacy 1.7.3 -> 5.7.4 Update working showing – release, username, stack trace, extras all showing tags like browser,, client_os,, url not being captured runtime and are captured now (not captured in our implementation of 1.7.3) We need the

relations between log levels and stdErr/stdOut

i read many informations on the net but i’d like to summarize, and still no understand how it works. I’d like to know the relation betwenn log levels and stdOut vs stdErr in java ? what about these kinds of logs ? what do these logs go ? i absolutly don’t see relation between java logs and stdOut/stdErr. Thanks by

QuarkusTest does not output log in dev mode but works in test

Hello all So running Quarkus with does not output any loggin from my tests, however using the test environment does output logs. I can’t seem to figure out why.. In my pom.xml i have configured the logmanager and in my i have In my test i have But this only prints in test mode. How do i configure it

Tinylog Android, is it possible to clear the file?

I’m using the Tinylog library with the “rolling file” function to write logs to a file. Sometimes I need to clear a file. Tried to do it with normal Java methods but it breaks the file and makes it hard to read. Is there a way to clear the log file at any point so it doesn’t break? Answer You