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Tag: slf4j

SLF4J: Class path contains multiple SLF4J bindings warning

I’ve seen in other questions that usually the solution to this warning is to exclude slf4j from the dependency that causes this conflict, but I can’t spot the problem in my project. I run mvn dependency:tree command and this is the output: Answer You can solve the issue by adding the following exclusion in the dependencies (of pom.xml) that caused

logging in interface methods

I have been working on java 7 so far and recently moved to java-8, one thing which was surprising is that you can add methods in java-8 interfaces. So far so good….loved this new stuff! Now, my problem is that logging is an essential part of any development but seems lombok.extern.slf4j won’t let you add log stuffs in by interface

SLF4J logging with jboss/wildfly 10

I have a Java webapp running in a WildFly 10 server. I used to have the following libraries as Maven dependencies: I would now like to use wildfly’s builtin logging subsystem. Which libraries do I need to add to my project(s)? How do I configure the default log-category and root logger declared in standalone.xml to log everything from packages “com.mycompany”

LOG4J in Android

I have a Java Project with a lot of files, which is using LOG4J. Now I am trying to Port it to the Android platform. Is it possible to reuse the code as it is, with LOG4J function calls? Current understanding: Property configuration won’t work (beans dependency) I tried with LOG4J for Android and SL4J Lib. No success. Working. But