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Tag: graphstream

Prevent imported libraries from using my logging-configuration file

Hostile takeover of my logger !! TL:DR imported library is using my logger’s file. In order to keep track of everything that happens in my project, I implemented a custom logger class using java.utils.logging, with a nice simple configuration file “”: Now after adding it, for some reason, one of my imported libraries – GraphStream start to use my

GraphStream setAttribute( ) vs addAttribute( )

I don’t understand the difference between setAttribute( ) and addAttribute( ) in GraphStream1.3. In GraphStream’s Element API 1.3 it’s explained that setAttribute is Like addAttribute() but for consistency. what does it means? Answer It is most likely that they mean api consistency with this wording; overall consistency between their own API or what developers might expect to find in general

override graphstream’s DefaultMouseManager

I’m using GraphStream to show a map of an area and I’ve tried to inherit from the default MouseManager DefaultMouseManager and to override the mouseClicked method so that when clicking on a node the following will happened: node’s color will change. node’s label will show. node’s data will show in terminal. I do know that the method works because the