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Tag: mouseevent

mousePressed() applied when hovering instead of clicking

I’m trying to make a song player with three buttons (go to prev song, stop song, go to next song). I want to stop the audio playing when the stop button button is clicked using mousePressed(). The problem is, it is applied whenever my mouse is hovering on the area of the button I defined in the mousePressed() function. Why

How can I call the mouse right click event in SwingGui?

I have a table. If I right-click I got a JPopUpMenu but before the pop-up I want to select the row where the right-click event is done. Here is what I’ve tried. In that event, I cannot get any output from the console when I right-click. However, when I left-click, points are printed to the console. java.awt.Point[x=105,y=76] So, this event

override graphstream’s DefaultMouseManager

I’m using GraphStream to show a map of an area and I’ve tried to inherit from the default MouseManager DefaultMouseManager and to override the mouseClicked method so that when clicking on a node the following will happened: node’s color will change. node’s label will show. node’s data will show in terminal. I do know that the method works because the

JavaFX event on Mouse Wheel Finished for ScrollPane

I have a ScrollPane with lots of elements on it, (Same one as this JavaFX setHgrow / binding property expanding infinitely) and initially I was planning on using the setOnScrollFinished(this::scrollFinished); event, however I’ve now discovered through research that this only applies to touch gestures, and trying to find a compromise for the MouseWheel hasn’t been great and I just find