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Dynamically adding nodes in JavaFX

I’m trying to build a chat application that implements Group chat in JavaFX. I want to make a Scroll Pane inside of a Border pane that will contain all Groups in which the User is member of. The Groups icons (ImageViews) need to be added dynamically(cannot be done in Scene Builder) to the Scroll Pane(inside of a HBox) as the

How to enable drag for transparent AnchorPane?

I need to make my bottom AnchorPane transparent, and I used below code to do that. It works, but after that I cannot move my application by drag? I cannot move application around the workspace; how can I fix it ? Answer You can see this example But I think there will be a better way

Which version of OpenJFX (JavaFX) and Scene Builder should I use with Amazon Corretto 11 (OpenJDK)?

In your opinion, what is the best version of OpenJFX (JavaFX) and Scene Builder should I use with Amazon Corretto 11 (OpenJDK)? Currently, until the date of this post, there are 2 versions of OpenJFX (JavaFX) and 2 versions of Scene Builder: Gluon’s JavaFX versions: JavaFX 11 LTS JavaFX 16 Latest Release Gluon’s Scene Builder versions: Scene Builder 16 Scene

NullPointerException, even though object is pointing to the FXML instance

(I am using Scene Builder…) Here is the MusicGeneratorGUI class… Here I have instantiated the object from the FXML file with the same ID… However, System.out.println(icon); in the main method of the controller class produces null. The ‘icon’ Sphere object is null. Here is the main class… (‘controller class’) Answer You need to create an instance of your loader. Then

Reference control by fx:id

I have a calendar screen I have designed for class using JavaFX and Scene Builder. The part where I’ve placed the number is a label and the part that, currently, says “None”, is a button. I want to reference the value in the Label when I select the Button so that I can display the Appointments for the user for