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Tag: fxml

How to set order for dynamically added JavaFX components?

I have a button that generates another button each time it’s clicked. 1 of the problems is, that the generated button is placed in the wrong location. The buttons should start around the Top Left side of the window, but the location of the buttons is at the bottom left of the window. I can’t use the function setAlignment(Pos.TOP_LEFT) to

How to change this JavaFX into using a ControllerFactory

I have looked into using ControllerFactory a lot, to allow this code to be instantiated from a database, and have cross-controller compatibility. But with my original setup different from others I found online, I found it extremely hard to follow along, and use what would fit into my program from theirs. Any advice on where to start? Current Controller creation

How show or hide images in condition with javafx

I need help to program a windows based application with JavaFX. I simply want to show or hide some images with if/else condition. what I exactly want is something like this: if x=1 then show image1 if x=2 them show image2 I tried setvisible() and setDisable() methodes to do this, but it doesn’t work. and my .fxml file codes are:

Bind StringProperty to Label from a Singleton

I have a singleton called MenuText. It is responsible for displaying the correct text in the menu. It gets updated dynamically. I have a fxml file, but the MenuText can’t have a reference to it. (This would contradict the MVVM architectural style) Initially I used <fx:define> to setup a reference to the MenuText from the fxml file, but this doesn’t

GridPane: How to position a Label top-left?

How can I position the Label Label 1 at the top-left position of the cell? I tried to set the alignment of the label accordingly, but this didn’t do the trick. d Answer You need to modify the first RowConstraints and set the valignment property to VPos.TOP. The vertical alignment for the row. If set, will be the default vertical