Is there a way to check for a right mouse button click in FXML?

I am building a version of Risk in JavaFX with FXML for school. Now we want to be able to right click a button to decrease the amount of troops in a country and left click it to increase the amount. The left click was pretty self explanatory as it is just an onAction, but how would we check for a right click on a button, through FXML?

<Button id="ontario" fx:id="ontario" layoutX="356.0" layoutY="145.0" mnemonicParsing="false" onAction="#countryPressed" prefHeight="40.0" prefWidth="40.0" styleClass="CountryButton" stylesheets="@style.css" 
        <Font name="System Bold" size="16.0" />


To react to a right mouse button click in javaFX, you would use the onMouseClicked event handler, and in the MouseEvent, check for which button was pressed using method getButton, which will return a MouseButton with value MIDDLE, PRIMARY, or SECONDARY

Controller code:

  public void buttonClicked(MouseEvent event) {
      switch (event.getButton()) {
      case PRIMARY: //Left button
          //Do something
      case SECONDARY: //Right button
          //Do something else


<Button fx:id="ontario" onMouseClicked="#buttonClicked">

Source: stackoverflow