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Tag: mvvm

Why does Retrofit onResponse() is called at last and how can i fix it?

Hello I’m trying to get Weather information by using OpenWeatherAPI. So to connect with OpenWeatherAPI I used Retrofit library. (And also my project is using MVVM Pattern) The problem is that the onResponse() of OpenWeatherRepos is called after the init() of the MainActivityClass is terminated. So OpenWeather is still getting null instances. I don’t know much about API call order

Bind StringProperty to Label from a Singleton

I have a singleton called MenuText. It is responsible for displaying the correct text in the menu. It gets updated dynamically. I have a fxml file, but the MenuText can’t have a reference to it. (This would contradict the MVVM architectural style) Initially I used <fx:define> to setup a reference to the MenuText from the fxml file, but this doesn’t

Class ‘kotlin.reflect.KClass’ is compiled by a pre-release version of Kotlin and cannot be loaded by this version of the compiler

After I converted my java code to Kotlin. There is an issue in this code in this code part java is in red and does not work and says Returns a Java Class instance corresponding to the given KClass instance. Answer I removed this version below from my app/build/gradle file ext.kotlin_version = ‘1.5.0-M1’ I added this version below from