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Tag: android-sqlite

Android and SQLite: “nested” getReadableDatabase

In my Android app I use the following code to access db: method1 and method2 can be called independently from outside the class. In addition, there are situations where method1 must call method2. In method2 I need a db instance, so I should call SQLiteDatabase db = helper.getReadableDatabase();. This is ok if method2 is not called by method1. On the

Why my bookmarked words doesn’t saved to sqlite database if i want to add them from another fragment?

The main problem is that when i add bookmark codes from direct recyclerview it works perfectly fine but when i add those codes to another fragment it just only show a toast that bookmark is added or deleted but that bookmarked word doesn’t show in favorite list. Here is my Database codes My RecyclerView codes My Detalis Fragment codes My