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Edit the cell value at a dynamic TableView?

Is it possible to edit a cell value in a dynamic TableView (dynamic rows and dynamic columns)? All I found on the internet was some editable TextFields over the cells. However, I want to edit the value in the table and then update my List with the new data. I’m using IntelliJ IDEA 13.1.4 , JavaFX Scene Builder 2.0 and

How to hide TableView column header in JavaFX 8?

I need to have an observable list of a type that will be displayed in a TableView with one single column, that when selected will display the rest of its information on the right. The TableView is wrapped in a TitledPane, which is wrapped in an Accordion. See image below: As you can see in this scenario I don’t want

JavaFX Table Cell Editing

I am trying to make a program in Java to manage my bookie accounts. I’m new to java, so I thought I would chose something simple to see how things work. I decided to use a tableview and make the individual cells editable. I’ve been following this tutorial It details how to do it using java code, and copying

Getting selected item from a JavaFX TableView

How do I get the selected item from a TableView in JavaFX? I am currently using but that does not return me the one selected item in the selection model. Answer Ok, lets say you have a data model class named Person. This way: Note that TableView must take a Person as a type argument to avoid casting: or when

JavaFX 2.1 TableView refresh items

I have this common issue, as it appears to be. My table view wont refresh my items after I reset them. I have checked the data and it’s the new one. I tried multiple solution from internet but no success. Can’t reset all the columns because it adds one empty one extra (dont know why) and the resize just breakes.