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Tag: jlabel

Display all the items I have ordered

How to display all the items I have ordered in “Sales Report File”? Like whenever I ordered 2 cookies, It will display on the Sale Report file. I have this code currently.. Answer If you want like a text list of what you have ordered, you can simply create an ArrayList<String> and every time you click on a product you

Java Rotating Icon in JLabel

Hi I’m having a problem trying to rotate an image inside a JLabel. I got this code from StackOverflow, and I’m trying to change it a little bit so that instead of the image rotating in a Tab, it is rotating within a JLabel. This is working, the image is rotating. However when i change it to this. This stopped

How can I remove border on JLabel?

So I am trying to start a graphics program, where I have a JFrame that holds multiple JPanels. The JPanels need to combine to create 1 image, however when I run my program I see borders around the images. I cannot quite distinguish if the border is caused by the JLabel that holds the image or if it is because

Resize a picture to fit a JLabel

I’m trying to make a picture fit a JLabel. I wish to reduce the picture dimensions to something more appropriate for my Swing JPanel. I tried with setPreferredSize but it doesn’t work. I’m …