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Tag: rotation

Java – generate and rotate matrix

recently I’m trying to learn Java a bit and currently, I’m working on a simple program that should generate a matrix and then rotate it. I’m stuck at the first part. What exactly is the problem? The logic of my code seems to be fine, but anyway program is returning not what I would expect. The code: Output: Please, enter

Java Rotating Icon in JLabel

Hi I’m having a problem trying to rotate an image inside a JLabel. I got this code from StackOverflow, and I’m trying to change it a little bit so that instead of the image rotating in a Tab, it is rotating within a JLabel. This is working, the image is rotating. However when i change it to this. This stopped

Java: Rotating Images

I need to be able to rotate images individually(in java). The only thing I have found so far is g2d.drawImage(image, affinetransform, ImageObserver ). Unfortunately, I need to draw the image at a specific point, and there is no method with an argument that 1.rotates the image separately and 2. allows me to set the x and y. any help is