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getRGB throws error when trying to get the color of coordinates of an image

I have been searching for ways to get the color of a coordinate (x, y) of an image. I have an image, Image depthImage = mActivityTestRule.getActivity().getDepthImage();, and I would like to do that, by giving the coordinates. My project is an ARCore project (git clone One solution that I found is but the expression getRGB is highlighted in red.

Mirroring an Image in Java

Background info: I’ve made a program that uploads an image using JFileChooser and fills in the space of the JFrame. I then apply filters via buttons. Currently 3 of my 4 filters work, or all except my mirror one. It randomly (or I guess not so randomly as there’s always a reason, I just don’t know what I did) worked

How to save an image using JFileChooser

Background info: I’ve made a program that uploads an image using JFileChooser and have made fill in the space of the JFrame. My Question: I’ve attempted implementing my method on a save button and so far I can pull up the JFileChooser but it will not actually save the image. So how would I go about saving the same image

Can’t create an image file in Java

What I need to do is I have a input image file and I need to change it as user’s parameters. For example if user wants to make it %30 darker, first I get all pixels with their RGB values and store them in an 2D array. Sample array given below. After that I overwrite that RGB values (in our

Processing – Resize canvas based on jpg dimensions

I have a basic program where stock images form the background for a larger program – but a number of the images have slightly different sizes compared to each other. My initial code loads up the background image and tries to set the canvas size based on the image dimensions: I get ‘IllegalStateException’ error bg.width and bg.height are 806 and