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Mirroring an Image in Java

Background info: I’ve made a program that uploads an image using JFileChooser and fills in the space of the JFrame. I then apply filters via buttons. Currently 3 of my 4 filters work, or all except my mirror one. It randomly (or I guess not so randomly as there’s always a reason, I just don’t know what I did) worked

How can I convert fingerprint jpg to WSQ use JMRTD WSQEncoder.encode

I’m using JMRTD library ( to encode jpg to WSQ. I set Bitmap by manually instead of decode from WSQ file. Here is my original picture jpg: And below is my result WSQ file: How can I fix it. Many thanks! Answer I resolved this problem, here is my code for convert jpg, png to wsq format: Hope help you

Java Rotating Icon in JLabel

Hi I’m having a problem trying to rotate an image inside a JLabel. I got this code from StackOverflow, and I’m trying to change it a little bit so that instead of the image rotating in a Tab, it is rotating within a JLabel. This is working, the image is rotating. However when i change it to this. This stopped

How to open multiple windows with Processing?

I’m trying to create two windows with Processing. Before you mark this as a duplicate, as there are other questions similar to this, I have a specific error and I can’t find a solution. When I try to add(s) I get the error The method add(Component) in the type Container is not applicable for the arguments (evolution_simulator.SecondApplet) I’m not sure