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Tag: inheritance

Set parent class attribute in a child class

I trying to make a chess game and I will have a class for each chess piece but they will all extend class Piece. Piece class has a maxMovementDistance attribute but I would like to set that attribute in the child class (king, queen, pawn etc.) and it should also be final. What’s the best way to do this? Or

Why does the call to a parent class constructor not call the parent’s methods that are overriden in the child class?

As shown in the code below, given a superclass Parent with a method calculate() that is called in Parent’s constructor, but also overriden in the class Child, why does the implicit call to Parent’s constructor within Child’s constructor not call Parent’s calculate() instead of Child’s calculate()? Output: I would have thought that to correctly construct a Parent object, its constructor

How to call methods in different parent interfaces using child class name?

I am migrating a project from python to java. There is a multiple inheritanced python tool class, called Util(TimeUtil, MathUtil, FileUtil, …), it extend several Util classes. For example Normally, I would call Util.date_to_str(), Util.add(), Util.read_file() in python, importing class Util is enough, and I can call the static method of parent classes by the class name I want to

How does java dialog inheritance work? I lose some properties

Sorry I don’t have much knowledge about Java or swing applications. I created a dialog called DlgShape and in it i have 2 text fields, 2 buttons and 2 labels. I tried creating DlgRectangle and instead of it inheriting from JDialog I inherited from DlgShape. The design of the parent and child class are identical but in the DlgRectangle I

override graphstream’s DefaultMouseManager

I’m using GraphStream to show a map of an area and I’ve tried to inherit from the default MouseManager DefaultMouseManager and to override the mouseClicked method so that when clicking on a node the following will happened: node’s color will change. node’s label will show. node’s data will show in terminal. I do know that the method works because the