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Java, my own copy() method would not work

I am learning java and came upon a small problem, my copy() method will not work. I work based on a UML diagram and I am pretty sure that I’m doing everything correctly. Here is the code: Constructor: copy() method: The error flashes at the parantheses FileName() it says: ‘FileName(java.lang.String, java.lang.String)’ in ‘Exam_Practice_4.FileName’ cannot be applied to ‘()’ Here is

Why this code convert value to double instead to float?

I got a question. Why this code prints YYZ10.0 instead of printing XXZ10.0? The first constructor is A(int), then inside statement it returns false, so 9+1f should jump into A(float) constructor but instead it is going to A(double). Answer If there are multiple overloads of a method, Java picks which one to call at compile time, not at run time.