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Where is the super reference in a Java instance method’s stack frame?

I read Bill Venner’s excellent Inside the Java Virtual Machine book, which, in Chapter 5 explores in detail, among other things, the composition of a JVM’s stack frame. (This chapter from the book also happens to be officially published here: Apart from this book I studied relatively much the runtime data areas of some JVM’s, especially their stack and

Java inheritance using super keyword

I am using inheritance along with super function in my program ,but when I am extending my class it showing error message “There is no default constructor in ‘cc’. ” . This error message is coming after 1st subclass is extended and trying to make 2nd subclass. Here is the code Answer dd inherits cc, so it’ll have to call

Why can I not use “super” variable from a static context, even though “super” refers to the parent class and NOT a class instance, unlike “this”?

I’m talking java language. Variable “this”, when used inside a class, refers to the current instance of that class, which means you cannot use “this” inside a static method. But “super”, when used inside a class, refers to the superclass of that class, not an instance of the superclass, which should mean that you can use “super” inside a static