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How to call ActionPerformed method from different class

I’m trying to call an actionperformed method from a file under the same package as the one I wish to call it from. I have two classes, EditSeriesPaint and MyDataVisualization. I want to call EditSeriesPaint from MyDataVisualization. This is what I’ve tried: EditSeriesPaint Class: MyDataVisualization Class: However, when I add the method to esp and go to use the color

“grade” cannot be resolved to a variable

I have this exercise and the question is how can I solve the error “grade” cannot be resolved to a variable, without declare it in the class teacher. I suppose is the only error in my code. It is evident for me WHY then in my output only the grade variable is not assigned, but I don’t know HOW to

How to call a method twice in a row?

I have a code where in my class I would like to be able to call the method answer twice like qns.answer(5).answer(7). But right now when I call the method answer as below, I get the error cannot find symbol. For example: Would appreciate if you could kindly give some pointers on how to get around this. Answer Question can

ClassNotFoundException thrown

I have an issue with my program for a project assignment throwing multiple ClassNotFoundException. I think the problem stems from the BaseGear class, which is the abstract super class for all items in the game. Each item must be restricted by class so in the constructor the string restrict is provided as an argument which I then try and convert