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Doubly Linked List adding null

I’m new to Java. I want to make student information system, but whenever I used the addStudent method, I get a list with null values. This is the student class for getting names telephone numbers and student ID. This is the Node class. Methods can be wrong maybe they are too complicated sorry for that. I’m trying to learn Java.

Removing values from a custom LinkedList class

This custom class mimics the functionality of Java’s LinkedList Class except it only takes integers and obviously lacks most of the functionality. For this one method, removeAll(), I am to go through each node for the list and remove all nodes with that value. My problem is that when the first node in the list contains the value to be

How do you remove the first Node in a Linked List?

Sup guys so I’m going over a few of my methods in my Linked List class and I’m getting a logical error when removing a node from a linked list. I was working on my removeFirst() method when I then encountered a error in my removeLast() method as well. The problem is that both remove the last item in the