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Tag: doubly-linked-list

Moving character efficiently on a row

Given input (items = 6, position = 3) creates a row of 6 items and a character positioned on item 3 {0,1,2,[3],4,5} A call to left() moves the character two positions to the left and the item at position 3 is removed {0,[1],2,4,5} The next call to right() moves the character two positions to the right and the item at

Doubly Linked List, Insert Before A Given Node in Java

The method not working: Another add method which is working: A print method to debug: DoublyLinkedList class: LinkedList and Node implementations are very straightforward. Find here: I first create a linkedlist, insert_front() a value to make the head not null, then use the method above to insert something else. Insertion to front, end, after a node are working, however,