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Tag: algorithm

Find index in array based on given value

I have a sorted array of numbers with array length as n. For a given item k find index i in the sorted array where elements from index i to n are greater than the given item k. If there is no index present then return -1 This is my program: The time complexity of this approach is O(n), and

Algorithm to get the submultiples of each number in a range

I have this exercise in mind, I keep trying to solve it in Java but I’m not able to create a correct algorithm to get the submultiples of each number in a range, the start and the end of the range is user defined. Besides, the number 1 doesn’t count as a submultiple. For example, in a range between 3

Moving character efficiently on a row

Given input (items = 6, position = 3) creates a row of 6 items and a character positioned on item 3 {0,1,2,[3],4,5} A call to left() moves the character two positions to the left and the item at position 3 is removed {0,[1],2,4,5} The next call to right() moves the character two positions to the right and the item at

Find the first Recurring letter in Java

I wrote the code as follows but it doesn’t return the first recurring letter properly. Example: In the word “statistics” the recurring letters are s, t, and i. But the letter t recurs sooner than the letter s and i, but my program returns s instead of t. What do I need to do for it to return t, using

Time limit exceeded in hackerearth exercise

I’m trying to solve this exercise in HackerEarth. But I have an error of time limit exceeded. This is the code that I wrote : Answer Your solution is a little bit slow because of the bad implementation. I rewrote your solution in better implementation with the same logic and time complexity of your solution and get Accepted and none

How does parameters of a method get stored in stack during a recursive call?

I was doing a leetcode question and I am confused on how parameters for a method get stored during a recursive call. If a node gets visited, I wanted to save it’s state that it was visited. When I send two variables, when the stack is getting unwinded the updated variable values are being lost. But if I send

Check if array is sorted using recursion

I am getting true as answer even for unsorted(isNonDescending) arrays. Where is the bug? I want to break the array into smaller problem from the start of the array only. //Check for isNonDescending. Answer Instead of passing the size of the array as a parameter, which makes no sense anyway, because you can simply call arr.length, you should pass a