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Tag: algorithm

Correct Use Of Factory Pattern?

I have been doing research on the factory design pattern and was wondering if the below example, while not “textbook” is technically a correct use of it. Is there another design pattern that may fit the situation better? Answer IMO: Looks like the given code example actually implemented the Factory Method pattern with using the Method Object solution Because

Newest version Postman creating different signature for AWS access compared to my java algorithm

So I’ve created the java algorithm for AWS signature creation, following the guidelines of AWS > The algorithm is available on my github > These are the steps that I take: retrieve secret key, access key and token from AWS account create call on Postman (for Linux) v8.12.5, by using AWS Signature auth the call goes OK. I retrieve the

The longest Substring without Repeating Characters

I’m starting out on LeetCode, and am currently working on the problem Longest Substring Without Repeating Characters. Given a string s, find the length of the longest substring without repeating characters. Input: s = “abcabcbb” Output: 3 Explanation: The answer is “abc”, with the length of 3. I feel like my approach should work, but for some reason it fails

Find index in array based on given value

I have a sorted array of numbers with array length as n. For a given item k find index i in the sorted array where elements from index i to n are greater than the given item k. If there is no index present then return -1 This is my program: The time complexity of this approach is O(n), and

Algorithm to get the submultiples of each number in a range

I have this exercise in mind, I keep trying to solve it in Java but I’m not able to create a correct algorithm to get the submultiples of each number in a range, the start and the end of the range is user defined. Besides, the number 1 doesn’t count as a submultiple. For example, in a range between 3