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Newest version Postman creating different signature for AWS access compared to my java algorithm

So I’ve created the java algorithm for AWS signature creation, following the guidelines of AWS > The algorithm is available on my github > These are the steps that I take: retrieve secret key, access key and token from AWS account create call on Postman (for Linux) v8.12.5, by using AWS Signature auth the call goes OK. I retrieve the

JPA SpringBoot – Unable to Save New Entity to Database

I am attempting to add (save) a “User” to my SQL database through my Spring application (The @GetMapping requests currently work). I recently added the two annotations @CreationTimeStamp and @UpdateTimeStamp in my entity class…the version without those two annotations would produce the same errors as shown. I am testing the API with Postman-here is my Users entity class: my UsersDTO

Variables are not coming up null during Postman call

Setting up an Java Postman call assigning values to the variables but its shows null. My Pojo Student Class Postman Request Answer your request body should be like this: because you are getting StudentRequest as RequestBody and it means you should send StudentRequest internal properties not containing StudentRequest it self in request , second problem is that your RequestBody contains

Empty response after aplying CORS policy Springboot

When I don’t touch anything about CORS, the browser shows me the common error Access to fetch at ‘http://localhost:8080/denodo-testwebapp/tags’ from origin ‘http://localhost:3000’ has been blocked by CORS policy But meanwhile doing a GET petition on postman I recive the response with all the data But when I try to disable CORS by adding this code: I no longer have the