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Tag: sql

Check if any value in list satisfies a condition

Suppose I have the following table called Seasons: … start_month end_month … 2 6 … 3 4 … … … I need to write a query which, for a given list of months, returns all the Seasons that satisfy the condition where at least 1 month in the list is: start_month <= month <= end_month. I’ve written this query as

near “”: syntax error in SQL with android studio

I’m working on a SQL databse on java (android studio project) but i have a weird mistake. Basically, everytime i have I have tried like this My DBS is And i really don’t see where is the mistake. Because they’re saying “syntax error”, but for me, it’s look pretty OKAY. Anyone have a clue ? I’m just trying to insert

Create a table “ca” as a statement using values of another tables but while inserting new values, the values of “ca” doesn’t change

I want to calculate turnover like in new table called ca ‘ I have tables article (idarticle, priceBuying, priceSale, quantity), and table command have (idarticle, quantity, dateSale), I want to calculate turnover automatically everyday and insert into ca , but the problem is when I insert new values into command the values of ca not updating using oracle db. Answer

Combine JPA Query annotation with Oracle sample method

i am trying to pass a parameter into a JPA query Example code But i get an error because of the sample(:percentile). If i just hardcode a number in there it works but not with a param. Is there a way to escape the brackets or something similar? Thx Answer The error is on the following part Unfortunately it does

How to extract JSON from sql query?

My query looks like this: I want to retry the messages that failed, but the message is a json string and the offset is a regular string. I need to extract the json messages and the offset strings and then iterate through each row. How would I do this? RIght now I am doing something like this: //Service buildQueryResult() simply

JPQL query that give me the highest value

I’m trying to do a JPQL query that give me the highest PK of the PKs in my table ( Here is my query : The error says that the syntax of my query is wrong. Can someone please help me ? Thank you for your help 🙂 Answer Thank you for your comments ! It allowed me to solve

Query did not return a unique result

This is the query I have written: This is the output I am getting from the database: id versions 101 0.0 101 1.0 101 2.0 101 3.0 In my application, I am storing this result in but it gives an error saying “query did not return a unique result” How can I store this result? which data structure could I