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Tag: recursion

Can I use a lambda function like this?

I want to try to use lambda functions (which I do not understand well) so I can learn more about them. I have an assignment on trees that has us making a family tree class. children is a set of all of the children nodes to this node. Also as a side question, does this usage of AtomicInteger work similarly

Flat tree of objects while keeping father and child

I have a class Employee which has a tree structure with property team Using Java lambdas I need to flat this tree into same level list while converting Employee class into the following ConvertedEmployee while storing names in dedicated lead and subordinates properties. So ConvertedEmployee is in some sense a node which keeps parent and children. And I need to

Building a Recursive Data Structure with Spring WebFlux

I have a REST API that is built with the Spring WebFlux framework, and I have an endpoint which returns a Flux<ChannelResponse>, where ChannelResponse is a tree-structured object, as shown below: Now, I don’t have much experience with the reactive programming paradigm, but this is how I would implement such an endpoint with synchronous logic, such that each top-level channel

Recursion with bitwise operators

I have the following method in java that simplify Nor expressions using recursion: Now, when I want to simplify the expression (T ↓ y) ↓ y , it ouputs F ↓ y instead of ~(y). How I need to change the recursion to output the right simplified expression? Answer Your case isn’t covered, so you get the default, all the