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Tag: sorting

Sorting an arraylist with lambda function isn’t working

I’m trying to use .sort() method with an arraylist. My method public void sortSurname() should sort alphabetically all the objects by their surname, these objects are contained in an arraylist ArrayList<Contact> contacts. Could someone please find the issue with this code? Here is what I’ve written so far: Contact class Rubrica class Main Thank you for the help. Answer The

Sort 2d String array by integer in first column

I have a 2d array in Java 8: String data[][] = new String[i][2]; And it looks like this: Player1 8 Player5 3 Player3 9 Player4 5 … and I want to sort it to have the highest score at the top: Player3 9 Player1 8 Player4 5 Player5 3 How can I sort this or is there a better way