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Tag: binary

Addition of two given numbers

Basically is about the binary numbers, the user needs to input two random numbers, both numbers will be added, and the addition of those two numbers only needs to have ones and zeros for example 5+6==11 OR 55+55=110, then throw a message saying “the addition only has 1’s and 0’s, otherwise for example 25+46=71 or 575+575=1150 then a message saying

change binary to decimal

I have to write a method that changes binary to decimal. Write a method that will convert the supplied binary digit (as a string) to a decimal number. convertToDecimal(“01101011”) = 107 convertToDecimal(“00001011”) = 11 i have created it to change decimal to binary however im not sure how to create it binary to decimal. Answer

Converting Decimal to Binary Java

I am trying to convert decimal to binary numbers from the user’s input using Java. I’m getting errors. How do I convert Decimal to Binary in Java? Answer Your binaryForm method is getting caught in an infinite recursion, you need to return if number <= 1: