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Replace ASCII codes and HTML tags in Java

How can i achieve below expecting results without using StringEscapeUtils ? Current Results: Expecting Results: Already checked: How to unescape HTML character entities in Java? PS: This is just a sample example, input may vary. Answer Your regexp is for html tags <something> would be matched byt the html entities will not be matched. Their pattern is something like &.*?;

How can i put a string in one line

i’m doing some conversion, from Hex to Ascii, when i convert the string, i got the following example: F23C040100C1 100D200000000000 0000 I know that the string is coming like this, because of the base 16, but i want too put it in just one line, like this: F23C040100C1100D2000000000000000 How can i do that? I have tried: Answer There are multiple

How to check whether the file is binary?

I wrote the following method to see whether particular file contains ASCII text characters only or control characters in addition to that. Could you glance at this code, suggest improvements and point out oversights? The logic is as follows: “If first 500 bytes of a file contain 5 or more Control characters – report it as binary file” thank you.

UTF-16 to ASCII conversion in Java

Having ignored it all this time, I am currently forcing myself to learn more about unicode in Java. There is an exercise I need to do about converting a UTF-16 string to 8-bit ASCII. Can someone please enlighten me how to do this in Java? I understand that you can’t represent all possible unicode values in ASCII, so in this