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Tag: hazelcast

What is the recommended max message size in Hazelcast?

I’m trying to understand the recommended max message size in Hazelcast. The best documentation I can find is where it says An optimum partition size is between 50MB – 100MB Does this mean messages should be smaller in size than that limit? Is there a way I can pass around messages that are 1Gb in size? Is this recommended?

Configure Hazelcast via external yml-file

I´ve a running hzc-yml configuration in classpath – the generated jar file works fine in a docker context. Now I want to load this yml-file externally. I added this startup-property to my DOCKERFILE: The whole DOCKERFILE looks like: It seems that the service wants to apply the external yml-file, but I always get this error: hzc-service | /bin/sh: ./hazelcast.yaml: Permission