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Tag: dependencies

NoSuchBeanException: expected at least 1 bean which qualifies as autowire candidate. But only on one class during MockBean?

There’s this weird problem. I’m currently testing two repository classes that I plan to use as MockBean. The snippets of the code are as follows: For ClassARepoHibernate For ClassBRepoHibernate Now then, on the testing class, I put this up: When I run this test, it gives out this error before even going to the breakpoint if I debug: This confuses

Ensure Maven pulls latest version of release

This question is a little different than the other “checking for latest dependency version” type questions. Let’s say we have a project, DepProjA, that builds and publishes an artifact for our other Java apps to import as a dependency. For example, AppProj1 lists DepProjA as a dependency in its pom.xml file. As you may notice, DepProjA, publishes “feature” versions of

how to remove log4j form recursive dependency?

I was trying to remove the log4j dependency from my project which is a huge repository. After having a close look in gradle files I found one of the module refers to the log4j dependency, which I excluded in gradle as shown in below code – exclude group: ‘log4j’, module: ‘log4j’ After this, I ran a search for log4j jar,