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Tag: repository

Merging multiple LiveData sources?

To make it easier to visualize my problem I drew the following: I am using a RoomDatabase, a Repository, a Viewmodel and Livedata. Areas have a 1 to n relationship with Gateways and Gateways a 1 to n relationship with Items. I created both an AreaWithGateways entity and a GatewayWithItems entity. Items can move from a gateway to another, which

Maven Command Line Args in the settings.xml

Good afternoon, I’m trying to find out whether there is a possibility to outsource Command Line Args in the Settings.xml. I can’t use the MAVEN_OPTS Env-Var and the .mavenrc file, but i need the Settings in every project. It is important that no plugins are used which are not included after the installation (the settings are needed for a connection