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package com.sun.beans.finder does not exist openjdk

When a file is compiled that imports com.sun.beans.finder.ConstructorFinder, this error comes out: The system is an Ubuntu 18.04.1 with OpenJDK: Where can I find this package? The compilation process is as follows: Sources files are located in src Some jar dependencies are in lib The output classes are in bin For ./src/Demo/, I compile it using: Answer First of all,

Adding Maven framework causes problems in project

After adding Maven framework to my project everything turns red. A new package named “main” appears between packages “src” and the first package that I created “” (by hierarchy) as can be seen in the 1st picture. It also changes the import address. The 2nd picture shows maven code. Appreciate it if you could help. Some words are not in

Package does not exist

Which JAR contains I’m not using Maven or Ivy, just Ant. Ant compile gives: In the classpath is: The library is netty-4.0.21.Final.tar.bz2, which was downloaded from the official Netty website. I added each JAR from that download to the project. Yes, I realize it’s not using the CLI javac classpath, but the JAR’s are visible in the project, as