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How to implement Log4j-audit in Java/GWT web app

Currently working on implementing audit logging for a web app and would like to use log4j-audit. The app is written using OpenJDK 8 and GWT 2.7 hosted by Jboss 6.4 and built using Ant 1.10.5. My question is how does one implement the log4j-audit framework into our current structure? I have worked through the getting started section and read the

How to set classpath in ant correctly?

I have my single dependency on path projectRoot/lib/jsoup.jar. My build.xml is simple: This doesn’t work, because jsoup.jar is not included in final AntDemo.jar. EDIT When compile target is running the output has warning: What does this warning mean? Thank you! Answer When you compile classes and specify a classpath, the classes and other resources in that javac classpath don’t get