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Tag: git

Cannot pull origin dev due to unrelated conflict in Git

I pull a branch (let’s say issue-100) from origin for review and after review I switched to local dev branch without modifying this issue-100 branch. There are some conflicts with this branch, but I did not touch it and just create a new branch after pulling dev branch from origin. But, interestingly, Git gives “Automatic merge failed; fix conflicts and

Eclipse maven EAR project not working after git share

I have a working maven project on eclipse which I made using the archetype for Jakarta EE with an ear packaging using windfly 21. (org.windfly.archetype – wildfly-jakartaee-ear-archetype). After i got a working webpage, i decided to share it on git, using the eclipse GUI. (Right click on project -> Team -> Share). This moves the project onto another folder, as

EnableConfigServer cannot be resolved to a type

I want to connect my spring cloud config server by adding @EnableConfigServer but getting error that EnableConfigServer cannot be resolved to a type. Already check the, name, git repository path and i also already try to clean the project still gettin same error.I cant view localhost:8888/limits-service/default.Please help me This my pom.xml Answer You can try, as in here, to

Get the latest commit in a repository with JGit

I want to get the last commit metadata (the youngest one by date) in a repository using JGit. I know that I can get the commit metadata using: But how to get the latest commit hash? Is there any other way to get the youngest by date RevCommit in a repository directly? Answer Compare by dates of last commits in

Change remote repository credentials (authentication) on Intellij IDEA 14

I recently changed my Bitbucket password for security reasons. However, IntelliJ didn’t update my repository to the new credentials, so it stops me from pulling/pushing anything to my repository. I am not using any plugins for this, just the integrated VCS operations inside the IDE. Every time I pull/push, this pops out: fatal: Authentication failed for ‘ Where xxxxxxxxxxxx is