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Eclipse maven EAR project not working after git share

I have a working maven project on eclipse which I made using the archetype for Jakarta EE with an ear packaging using windfly 21. (org.windfly.archetype – wildfly-jakartaee-ear-archetype).

After i got a working webpage, i decided to share it on git, using the eclipse GUI. (Right click on project -> Team -> Share).

This moves the project onto another folder, as it says that having git repositories inside eclipse default workspace folder is not recommended.

The problem is that after sharing it, even before I commit or push, it stops working. It stops recognizing packages and I’m unable to make it “run on server”.

This is an image of how it looks after I share it on git. I cannot execute “p1parte1” or “p1parte1-ear” anymore (neither any of the other projects/modules), and the other projects below dont have the java classes inside.

Image of problem

I literally have no idea how to fix this, i’ve spent like 3 hours searching online and trying things.


I solved this by manually fully copying the project that was not shared in the eclipse workspace folder to the git folder.