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Tag: gitlab

Cannot pull origin dev due to unrelated conflict in Git

I pull a branch (let’s say issue-100) from origin for review and after review I switched to local dev branch without modifying this issue-100 branch. There are some conflicts with this branch, but I did not touch it and just create a new branch after pulling dev branch from origin. But, interestingly, Git gives “Automatic merge failed; fix conflicts and

Maven Hangs Downloading Inside a Docker Container

I have a gitlab with gitlab ci and a runner all running fine in a CoreOs Machine. All 3 services are running using the following dockerfiles service files and build script: Build Script: CI service: CI-runner service: Ci runner dockerfile: Ci dockerfile is unmodified version of sameersbn/gitlab-ci:5.2.0. when i compile a maven project (with mvn install) it starts to download