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Tag: spring-cloud

How to modify the port of https(http) URL?

Originally, I have a website with nginx and Ubuntu 20.04 port at 80(http) and 443(https), the URL is (It works well) And now, I want to set another site with Spring Cloud (Docker) with the URL How to set the nginx or the docker of Spring cloud? Right now, all of the two sites can separatly work well,

How to run consumer @StreamListener only after ApplicationReadyEvent method completed?

I have a consumer method with And I have a method with an event listener Is it possible to configure @StreamListener to start listening only after @EventListener method is completed? Answer According to Spring Cloud Stream docs you could use property<bindingName>.consumer.autoStartup=false which will stop BindingService from starting automatically starting consumer binding. Then you can do it yourself whenever you

An “Error creating bean with name ‘functionBindingRegistrar'” exception every time I start my application

I have a normal spring cloud stream application that simple reads data from Kafka topic and produces messages to another Kafka topic, please find below the configurations: And the following application.proeprties And below is the signature of all defined spring cloud functions Everything works fine, and the application starts and functions as it should, however, in the logs I encounter

Spring kstreams cannot get processor to work – The class ‘[B’ is not in the trusted packages

Full code: So I have a producer (data-ingest), processor (external-message-processor), and consumer (internal-message-processor (This will become a processor later once I get things working, so apologies for the naming at the moment, but it is a consumer)). The data-ingest works from what I can tell as it sends messages to the topic external_messages. The external-message-processor attempts to read from

Spring Cloud Configuration Server not working with local properties file – getting need to use a composite configuration

I am configuring the new spring config server and getting the below error. I have tried the below links but no luck Spring Cloud Config Server configuration with local repository spring config server- for local git repository pom.xml Answer You should rename your file to (see Spring Cloud Config Server). And use native profile like @spencergibb

Spring Cloud Gateway for composite API calls?

I am starting to build a Microservice API Gateway, and I am considering Spring Cloud to help me with the routing. But some calls to the Gateway API will need multiple requests to different services. Lets say I have 2 services: Order Details Service and Delivery Service. I want to have a Gateway endpoint GET /orders/{orderId} that makes a call

Could not transfer artifacts from/to central maven repo when using Spring Framework Cloud

I am trying to create a maven project using Spring Framework Cloud. I defined pom.xml file as below When trying to build maven getting error for all dependencies as Could not transfer artifacts from/to central ( Multiple annotations found at this line: – Failure to transfer org.springframework:spring-orm:jar:4.2.6.RELEASE from was cached in the local repository, resolution will not be reattempted