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Tag: jwt

Quarkus JWT Returning Unauthorized on deployment

I have a Quarkus project that expose some REST Endpoints. When working on dev mode or running from the local build docker container all work fine, those endpoints annotated with @RolesAllowed and @PermitAll work as supposed to be. But when I deploy to a AWS service with the following steps: Commit to Gitlab Run Gitlab CICD Send result with the

Unable to parse JWK in Java

I implemented a rest authorization server that returns the public-key for a given keyId in the JWK format using the com.nimbusds:nimbus-jose-jwt:9.13 package. The code looks something like this: This code returns a JWK key in the following format: On the client side (java), I try to parse the jwk with the following code: However, the client is unable to parse

Heroku deployment error “required a bean of type ‘’ that could not be found.”

I am trying to deploy my springboot app to heroku but I am getting an error that it cannot find a JwtDecoder bean. I have tried googling it a bit but can’t find anything that helps. Everything works fine locally, just not when deployed to heroku. Here is my heroku log –tail: WebSecurityConfig: I’m not sure what else to include…

How to verify that a string is JWT token?

In Java How can we verify that i given String is a JWT Token without using Signature? I am using try { return (new JwtConsumerBuilder()).setVerificationKey(SECRET_KEY).build().processToClaims(…