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Custom Exceptions for JWT authentication don’t work JAVa

I implemented in my API Rest JWT authentication, but the exceptions that I created don’t work. This is what I expect: This is what I get: This is my CustomException Class This is what I have in my globalExceptionHandler And finally this is what I have in the method validateToken in JwtTokenProvider: public boolean validateToken(String token){ I really appreciate if

Why do I get a “io.jsonwebtoken.ExpiredJwtException”?

I have a problem with my Spring Security JWT Application. I am getting an error because my JWT is expired, but I can’t find, where it gets the 2022-04-12 as an expiration date. I can’t find a single piece of code, which says that the expiration date is the 2022-04-12. After my understanding, it is creating a new token, each

Extend Micronaut CustomJWTClaimsSetGenerator to provide all attributes

I have the following two classes which provide the JWT authentication mechanisem. CustomDelegatingAuthenticationProvider CustomJWTClaimsSetGenerator The default response to the client looks like this: My question. How can I extend the class to return all user attributes? Besides username I want to have the user id. UPDATE HDS user class which gathers the DB id Answer To extend the returned data

antMatchers() is not working , and gives forbidden error

I have an end-point called authenticate , this endpoint is given to antMatchers(“/authenticate”) to skip authorization for this end-point, but it still checks for the authentication. code: Answer I have an update regarding the issue. In my case, I had a problem with a function singWith() that was deprecated, the request of /authenticate was passing the antMatchers() filter but was

Quarkus JWT Returning Unauthorized on deployment

I have a Quarkus project that expose some REST Endpoints. When working on dev mode or running from the local build docker container all work fine, those endpoints annotated with @RolesAllowed and @PermitAll work as supposed to be. But when I deploy to a AWS service with the following steps: Commit to Gitlab Run Gitlab CICD Send result with the