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Tag: authentication

SNMPv3 Get Request authorization problem for SNMP4J although working via net-snmp

Problem I have some troubles configuring SNMP4J as SNMPv3 manager for a simple Get-Request. SNMPv2 is working properly, both using net-snmp and SNMP4J. Setup On my local machine I have a running snmp daemon (via net-snmp). A snmpget using net-snmp works as expected: My SNMP4J implementation looks as follows: I sometimes used non-fluent syntax (e.g. target.setVersion()) since the corresponding fluent

PKIX path building failed in OAuth Authentication in Java

I am trying to Authenticate in discogs:,header:authentication-oauth-flow on the Point 2: SEND A GET REQUEST TO THE DISCOGS REQUEST TOKEN URL, I get this: on the POINT 3: REDIRECT YOUR USER TO THE DISCOGS AUTHORIZE PAGE, I’ve created this piece of code: But I got this error: but I get this error: Answer The error provided indicates that your

Unable to import certificate to cacerts

My requirement is to import a certificate for maven repositories into the global keystore. The certificate file is named maven-cacert.cer . I am using following command from C:Program FilesJavajdk1.6.0_20bin from cmd as maven-cacert.cer file is in C directory after pressing enter it asked to put password and after giving password it is saying like I also tried but getting same