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Tag: mongodb

NoSuchBeanDefinitionException with reactive mongo repository: required a bean of type that could not be found

I have an issue: repository bean couldn’t be found when it’s placed in outer package. It causes nested UnsatisfiedDependencyException which is due to NoSuchBeanDefinitionException (expected at least 1 bean which qualifies as autowire candidate). After I copied the class to my project, it works perfectly. But I would like to use it as a dependency on external module. This is

Auditing (@CreatedDate) does not work for WebFlux Spring Boot with reactive MongoDB

Does WebFlux Spring Boot with reactive MongoDB supports Auditing? I tried to use @CreatedDate and it did not work for me. Here is my configuration: Here is my document class Here is Message repository When I save message I always have createdDate=null Do I miss something or Auditing does not work with reactive MongoDB? Answer I resolved the issue

How to find a Bean instance of MongoRepository?

I am trying to use a MongoRepository, but Spring complains, that no instance of the MonoRepository-Interface is in the context. The server complains: my maven pom.xml: How can I get a bean instance of my MongoRepository? Answer The dependency is incorrect. spring-data-mongodb only makes it compile: But you need additional dependencies, to make it run. For convenience you can import

Is there such a query for mongodb?

I need to do a query on mongoDB due to I am developing in Java with Spring Boot and MongoDB. I know that this command is for arrays: This query let me to find if all fields of the arraylist “skillsOfCV” are in the arraylist called “skills” However, I am trying to pass an arraylist as “skillsOfCV” to compare all