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Is there such a query for mongodb?

I need to do a query on mongoDB due to I am developing in Java with Spring Boot and MongoDB. I know that this command is for arrays: This query let me to find if all fields of the arraylist “skillsOfCV” are in the arraylist called “skills” However, I am trying to pass an arraylist as “skillsOfCV” to compare all

Mongo Replicaset monitoring replaces hostnames with IP and leads to failed hostname verification

we have a problem with the mongo java driver and the monitoring thread. We are running a 3 server replicaset and connect our spring boot microservices by using the hostnames. mongodb://<username>:<password>@A:27017,B:27017,C:27017/?tls=true Up until now we always used the non-reactive mongo driver and everything is working fine. However I now wanted to use the reactive/netty version and we’re getting a

Mongo DB updating parts of object

I have the collection that stores documents per some execution Flow. Every Process includes “processes” and each process includes steps. So I end up with a ‘flows’ collection that has documents that look like this: A couple of notes here: Each flow contains many processes Each each process contains at least one step, its possible that in different processes the

How to use a JSON file to aggregate in MongoDB in Java?

I am using the Java MongoDB driver v4.3: I have my aggregation pipelines written in JSON files which are placed in the src/main/resources folder. The aggregate function only accepts a List<Bson>. After fetching the file, how do I pass it into the MongoDB method? Answer This is how you do it:

Mongodb Java SDK not using the @BsonProperty as the field name

I am using the mongodb-driver-sync library, version: 4.2.3 in my Java project to insert values into a MongoDB collection. When I insert them, the field names are not the values in the @BsonProperty annotation but the lower camel case of the Java variable names. How do I make it use my annonation value? My POJO is: My insertion code is:

In the MongoDB java driver, will methods produce an error if the optional `ClientSession` is null?

I’ve been creating an abstraction of the MongoDB java driver. Given the following block of code… Where session can be either null or an actual instance of ClientSession. Will I run into issues with this paradigm? I have many methods like this, including col.replaceOne(), col.deleteOne, col.countDocuments(), etc. Answer According to the MongoDB Repository, passing in a null ClientSession will throw

MongoDB 4.4, Java driver 4.2.3 – InsertManyResult.getInsertedIds() not returning IDs for all inserted documents

I am trying to retrieve values of _id for inserted documents after successful InsertMany operation. To achieve this I am using InsertManyResult.getInsertedIds(). While this approach works most of the time there are cases where not all _id values are retrieved. I am not sure if I am doing something wrong but I would assume that InsertManyResult.getInsertedIds() returns _id for all