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Tag: spring-bean

NoSuchBeanDefinitionException with reactive mongo repository: required a bean of type that could not be found

I have an issue: repository bean couldn’t be found when it’s placed in outer package. It causes nested UnsatisfiedDependencyException which is due to NoSuchBeanDefinitionException (expected at least 1 bean which qualifies as autowire candidate). After I copied the class to my project, it works perfectly. But I would like to use it as a dependency on external module. This is

Binding two Property classes and I need to merge them to one and Bind that too

I am working in a library which configures Property classes through Spring properties in an application.yml file. I am moving from a deprecated prefix(com.myapp.deprecated) to a new prefix(com.myapp.newprefix). I want to maintain old applications that are already using the deprecated prefix for a short while to allow for a migration period. To achieve that I have made two classes that