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Tag: spring-data-mongodb

Convert nested map fields to snake case

how to convert all the nested fields of the following object rendered as json to snake_case? Given it’s read as a org.bson.Document, jackson object mapper won’t work as it’s designed for POJOs and it’s not possible to have POJOs here as the records are schema-less Answer It can be easily done by adding a custom key serializer to SimpleModule, then

Spring Data MongoDB 4.0 transactions support

MongoDB 4.0 are going to introduce transactions support with ACID guarantees. Does Spring Data MongoDB already supports the transactions in MongoDB and if no, when this awesome feature will be available. I really need it, taking into account the following issue – MongoDB schema design in order to support application horizontal scaling Answer Does Spring Data MongoDB already supports the

Change or override default Behavior of

Is there any way to intercept or change the document before updates it? I am trying to push a subproperty inside and array in a document. I have tried to manipulate DBObjects by implementing converter(using custom converter) but the $push operation did not work over there. I think to make it work I have to implement something like mongoOperation.update(dbObjectMatch,dbObjectUdate).

Spring Data MongoDB Annotation @CreatedDate isn’t working, when ID is assigned manually

I’m trying to use auditing to save dateCreated and dateUpdated in my objects, but since I set ID manually, there’s some additional work. Following Oliver Gierke’s suggestion in DATAMONGO-946 I’m trying to figure out how to correctly implement it. As original poster in Jira task above, I’ve downloaded example from here and modified it a bit: and and a