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Tag: spring-data

Spring boot “no transaction is in progress” with 2 datasources

I have two databases and i’m trying to save some records to both of them inside a service method. This gives me the error: org.springframework.dao.InvalidDataAccessApiUsageException: no transaction is in progress; nested exception is javax.persistence.TransactionRequiredException: no transaction is in progress. Here is entities: And here is one of the config files for multiple db connection: And here is the other one:

Spring implements to kinds of Repository interface

I’m trying to study Spring more specific Spring Data but i have a question about the use of interface Repository and its derivatives classes and i asking you help for clarify them. For example i see this code example extends CrudRepository but i see the using of extends keyword but no implements. why ? I thought that extends is for

Spring Data Jpa Repository not saving entities to database

Im having some difficulties using jpa. Im not getting any exceptions, but I cant save anything to the database. I went from Hibernate to Jpa and everything worked perfectly there. Below are my Files Model: Repository: Service: I’m getting a 200 Response when submitting the form, but can’t find the data in the database Answer You are using a

Problem in updating the entity with unidirectional @ManyToOne relation

I have two entities as below and the main problem is when I want to update the AccountRequestStatus entity. I save the integer enum code of AccountRequestStatusEnum in the database to persist the AcountRequest status in the whole application. AccountRequestStatusEnum AccountRequest AccountRequestStatus The first time that an account request comes from MQ my to application, I save the initial code

MongoDB Aggregation Pipeline – Count no of records that are matching a complex criteria – (Couldn’t find PersistentEntity for type java.lang.Object!)

I have documents with dynamic fields and I would need to find a count of matching records for a given complex query criteria Example Entity Example Data: Expected Query Criteria: Building such complex Criteria using $match would be too much of implementation, so I was trying to use SPEL evolution through $project like below: However, the above logic failing due