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Redisson for JCache Session persistence on WebSphere-Liberty: how to pass redisson-jcache.yaml?

Hello Open Liberty experts, As an R&D effort, I am trying to enable Liberty session persistence backed by Redis via JCache/Redisson. I observe the CLASSPATH seems to be correctly configured via <library> and <httpSessionCache libraryRef> syntax, but the config file is not being passed to org.redisson.jcache.JCacheManager.createCache(). This method is an implementation of javax.cache.CacheManager.createCache() Here is my server.xml: Regardless of what

Collection Object lost due to redis TTL using redission client

We are using Redission client for java to get the data from redis but object gets deleted from collection due to TTL. Example We are trying the below approach to get the data from Redis with TTL. final RList rList = client.getList(getEnvCacheKey(cacheKey)); rList.expire(7L, TimeUnit.SECONDS); rlist.add(“Value1”); rlist.add(“Value2”); assertThat(rList).containsOnly(“Value1”, “Value2”); // This condition is true until 7 seconds Now after 7 seconds

How to use Redis as L2 cache on Hibernate?

I have a spring boot application and need to setup Redis as l2 cache on hibernate. My prop file looks like: I created a custom region factory because I don’t want to use json or yaml files. (right now, the parameters are hardcoded). CustomRegionFactory class looks like: Using redis-cli I found out that all my entities annotated with @Cacheable are

Make Redis as optional

I am using spring boot with Redis.Redis is running as Docker container spring.cache.type=redis spring.redis.port=6379 Redis is a memory DB, if it finds data in Redis …