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Jedis does not support returning PendingMessagesSummary

When I start the spring app write with Java 11, show error like this: I have already upgrade the Jedis version to the newest 4.2.3, why still did not support the Redis pending command? I have already read the Jedis issue. They already added the pending support in the Jedis 3.6.0, why still tell me that did not support? This

Delete multiple Redis stream id with Jedis

how can i delete multi redis stream id with jedis? they have a methods calls “xdel” – what is the type that i need to send to the method to delete multi key? i declare List but the method didnt get this type. i got this error – Answer Jedis xdel method takes varags of StreamEntryID. So you can do

Redisson for JCache Session persistence on WebSphere-Liberty: how to pass redisson-jcache.yaml?

Hello Open Liberty experts, As an R&D effort, I am trying to enable Liberty session persistence backed by Redis via JCache/Redisson. I observe the CLASSPATH seems to be correctly configured via <library> and <httpSessionCache libraryRef> syntax, but the config file is not being passed to org.redisson.jcache.JCacheManager.createCache(). This method is an implementation of javax.cache.CacheManager.createCache() Here is my server.xml: Regardless of what