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Tag: microservices

No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present (CORS) – Spring Boot (Spring security) Microservices + Vue.js

I’m working on Spring Boot project based on microservices architecture on backend and Vue.js on frontend. Structure of my project is next: For avoiding CORS error usually I add @CrossOrigin annotation on to class and it works. It was all good and has been working well, until I added security part with ability to login users. What did I did:

Can I use Azure Event Grid topics to communicate domain events in a microservice architecture?

I am confused. When comparing the messages services offered by Microsoft Azure, we can choose between: Event Grid Event Hubs Service Bus (Azure Cache for Redis) This link gives the following comparison: Now I’d like to write a microservice application consisting of several components. Each component should communicate local domain events to a topic (pub/sub). This could be achieved by

How to avoid duplicate code in Java when you require the same class in two separated applications?

For the sake of simplicity, let’s say that I have a class named “Dog”. Then I have two separated applications containing implementations of that class. Application “A” does something with the Dog class. Application “B” does another something with the Dog class. Both applications require the Dog class, hence it would be duplicated. Now let’s say for a moment that:

How to access gRPC server in matlab?

We have moved our DataAccess logic to Microservice and it is currently implemented as gRPC with C++ and we are able to utilize that in C# client and C++ client. Now we have to make use of this DataAccess grpc in Matlab client(legacy). So, i’m trying to find a way to access gRPC from Matlab and found that there is

How to handle synchronous responses with Spring Cloud Data Flow

We are in the process of designing the migration of our monolithic Java application to microservices to meet various client requirements such as scalability, high availability, etc. The core function of our application is data processing, i.e. retrieve data from a source, put it through 0 or more transformations, and finally push the result to a destination. For this reason,