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Tag: visual-studio-code

Java VMOptions in VSCode

I’m attempting to run a simple JavaFX shown here; } My VMOptions (stored in the default launch.json file) are as follows; However, I keep getting the following I’ve followed countless tutorials and ensured that all the syntax and file locations are correct. Any help is appreciated. Answer Put your JavaFX SDK in a location without a space in the path

vscode – Could not fetch model of type ‘GradleProject’ using Gradle distribution ‘’

I was trying to build a gradle project but it returned with an error: I’m using vscode for this I saw some questions similar to this but they were about android studio, and I couldn’t find anything else about it. Thanks for any help. Answer the issue has been resolved on github:, apparently it’s because of onedrive

how to set JDK in UBUNTU-20.04 using VSCODE?

I am having problem with vscode and jdk, I use it in windows with many configs, but with ubuntu, It brings me this error: Everything is ok with jdk-default on vscode bash terminal. jdk bin: jdk version: but, if I try to found a $JAVA_HOME on terminal, it returns empty.. I do not know more what can I do… already