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Tag: visual-studio-code

Default expanded variables in VSCode Java debugger

I’m using VSCode for Java development, and at some point in time, the debugging variables do not show the toString() results by default. I have to click on the eyeball icon that has “Click to expand” tooltip. In the example below, the Boolean before and after expanding. Stepping through the code cases the view to reset to non-expanded. How do

How to configure VSCode on Linux to make it apply different JAVA_HOME for Gradle in different projects?

Right now I have a Spring project (needs Java 17) and a minecraft-forge-1.12 project (needs Java 8) on the same system. I want vscode to automatically change JAVA_HOME between /usr/lib/jvm/java-17-openjdk-amd64 and /usr/lib/jvm/java-8-openjdk-amd64 for gradlew command when I switch between these two project. I tried using .vscode/settings.json to do that, but cannot change in settings.json, so I can’t change this

Java VMOptions in VSCode

I’m attempting to run a simple JavaFX shown here; } My VMOptions (stored in the default launch.json file) are as follows; However, I keep getting the following I’ve followed countless tutorials and ensured that all the syntax and file locations are correct. Any help is appreciated. Answer Put your JavaFX SDK in a location without a space in the path

How would you execute this on VSCode?

I’ve found the following code online but don’t know how to run it on IDE as I’m new to Java could you please help. I tried creating a class and copy-pasting the code but couldn’t manage to produce any output. Super stuck and am still a novice. Doing it by hand I think it should output Rectangle Box. Answer

vscode – Could not fetch model of type ‘GradleProject’ using Gradle distribution ‘’

I was trying to build a gradle project but it returned with an error: I’m using vscode for this I saw some questions similar to this but they were about android studio, and I couldn’t find anything else about it. Thanks for any help. Answer the issue has been resolved on github:, apparently it’s because of onedrive